2019-01:Fukushima: Erster Kontakt mit geschmolzenem Brennstoff gemacht

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Fukushima: First contact made with melted fuel

NukeNews In early 2019 for the very first time after the beginning of the catastrophe a probe was able to touch melted nuclear fuel debris, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co. "a long-awaited milestone in the battle toward decommissioning". The probe lifted a piece of debris at the bottom of unit 2 of Fukushima Daiichi and took measurements like hardness, temperature and radioactivity of the material necessary for designing the eventual containers and equipment for the removal of the melted fuel and took photos inside the containment vessel. This seemingly low-relevant news piece illustrates the ongoing disaster in Fukushima where still little knowledge and methodology is ready to deal with the impacts of the nuclear accident while the regular public considers the catastrophe over...

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