2019-01:Internationales Aktionscamp gegen Atomwaffen

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International Action Camp against nuclear weapons

NukeNews United we can stop the planned nuclear bomb! Please join the German campaign to send the existing U.S. nuclear weapons back home, and to halt production of the new B61-12 nuclear bomb, scheduled to be built in the U.S. by 2020 and deployed in five European countries - Italy, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, and Germany. We invite anti-nuclear, environmental peace and human rights activists to our peace camp July 08-to-16, 2019, at the main gate of the Büchel Air Base in Germany with emphasis on young people! The international Action Camp is part of our 20 weeks of action from March 26th to August 9th (Nagasaki memorial day). Twenty weeks represent the 20 B61 H-bombs still at Büchel AB. Our peace camp includes networking, vigils, and nonviolent civil resistance.

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