2019-01:Japanische AKW-Projekte im Ausland abgesagt

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Japanese NPP projects abroad canceled

NukeNews Due to rising costs reaching double the projected expenses, the Japanese constructor Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. gave up their participation in the planned new nuclear power plant in Sinop, Turkey, as announced in early December 2018. Plans of Japanese lobbyists for joining the constructing of nuclear power plants in other countries had been canceled already (Vietnam 2016, Taiwan 2014). The proposed Wylfa Newydd NPP project in Anglesey, United Kingdom, is currently the only abroad construction project left for a Japanese company, in this case for Hitachi Ltd. Even there all work was suspended. In February BBC reported Welsh secretary Alun Cairns wanted to meet Hitachi bosses in Japan to discuss financial opportunities to save the construction plans. Again, expensive construction costs were the cause. Just a few weeks before work was interrupted in Anglesey, another Japanese company, Toshiba, had winded up their UK NPP construction plans (the Moorside project in Cumbria) due to financial problems.

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