2019-01:Schwedisches Gericht gegen Endlager

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English translation of Swedish court decision against final repository project available

NukeNews The Swedish Environmental Court's 23rd of January 2018 decision against the the installation of the KBS model for a final repository for high level radioactive waste (HAW) in Sweden is now also available in English. Although this wouldn't be the final decision about the repository it was a big setback for the nuclear industry. It is an interesting case, because the same model, but reduced by even more safety features, is applied in the Finnish Onkalo project, the final repository for HAW next to the Olkiluoto nuclear reactors. And despite the relevant decision of the court in Sweden, where the model was developed, stresses missing safety aspects neither Finnish authorities nor operators seem to be willing to reconsider the technology. Instead, they proudly propagate Onkalo to become "the first final repository (for HAW) in the world"...